Invaders Beaten Back: Yemenis Liberate Parts of Jizan (in Saudi Occupied Arabia)

The Yemeni national resistance is rapidly consolidating control over Jizan province in Saudi occupied Arabia, and are now gunning for King Khalid airbase further north which was recently attacked by Yemeni drones. Jizan: 150 square kms liberated. Around 80 Saudi-backed mercenaries exterminated, another 120 wounded and captured. Around 29-60 Saudi armoured personnel carriers have been destroyed, each costing around $1-2 million.

Why Israel Has No Interest in Resolving the Israel-Palestine Conflict

here’s two possible ways of solving the Israel-Palestine conflict. Two-state solution. For this to happen, Israel would have to vacate all settlers and military forces from the West Bank and East Jerusalem. This is something Israel refuses to do, rather they are using the apartheid wall as an advancing frontline…

Press TV Interview: Sheikh Jarrah

The Israeli settler organisations attempting to evict Palestinians from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah began their attempts by claiming their clients had Ottoman title deeds from the 19th century, which they presented to the Israeli courts in 1972.

Happy B’Day Marx! Imperialism and the Dialectic of Money

Yes, happy birthday Karl Marx, but his work on political economy was incomplete as he only ever presented exactly half the conceptual picture he intended to publish before he died. In Capital 1 Marx begins with the dialectic of the commodity, saying that it has both use-value and exchange-value, the former representing the utility of the commodity, the later its price in the market.

The Patnaik-Harvey Debate (Patnaik Wins)

The Patnaik-Harvey debate on ‘imperialism’ shows that most Marxism in the Anglo-American tradition is confused. You can download the transcript of the debate between Prabhat Patnaik and David Harvey here. In that debate, Patnaik quite explicitly advanced an argument that defined ‘imperialism’ as national exploitation, rather than class exploitation. How does ‘imperialism’ manifest itself?

Marxism: Always Split By the Cold War

Marxism was always split by the cold war. It was founded at a time when 30% of the world’s population either ruled over nations that were to some extent enslaved, or were at least politically independent. That part of the world, particularly Europe, produced Marxism, which embodied the subjectivity of the European working class. The ideology was universal, meaning that it attracted labouring classes from those enslaved nations.

‘Uyghur Genocide’

The ‘Uyghur genocide’ narrative being promoted by Anglo-American governments serves only one purpose, to justify military escalation against China, and if the West really cared about genocide, then ‘we’ would stop committing one against the people of Yemen.

Palestine: Counter-Hasbara Talking Points

When someone says that Palestinians are also settlers because the Arab caliphate invaded that land, respond with one simple question. Was the conquest of Syria by the Arab caliphate good or bad for Jews? If they say it was bad, then they’re saying it would have been better for Jews to remain living under the (Eastern) Roman empire which had expelled the Jews from Jerusalem…

Yemen Rejects Fake Saudi Ceasefire Proposal

The Saudis are proposing a ceasefire in Yemen but the terms haven’t changed unfortunately. Saudi FM: “We will do all we can to put the necessary pressure on the Houthis to accept and to come to the negotiating table and to lay down arms, because we believe that a stop to the fighting and a focus on a political solution is the only way forward”…

Saudis Hiding Their Defeat

So obvious now that the Saudis are covering up the damage being inflicted upon them by Yemeni resistance drone strikes on their military and oil infrastructure. On Friday the resistance hit an oil refinery in Riyadh, and a week ago Samad 3 drones struck King Khalid military base located in the historically Yemeni but today Saudi occupied province of Asir.

Imperialism, India, and the Farmers Protests

How are the farmers protests in India related to India? As many of you will know, the one-way net-transfer of wealth from India to Britain amounted to $45 trillion USD. This plunder happened largely at the expense of the Indian farmer who paid taxes to the British colonial regime, which then used one-third of those taxes to purchase goods from India for export while pocketing the exchange earnings (read Utsa Patnaik’s piece).

Artsakh & Kashmir, Legality vs. Morality: A Response to Andrew Korybko

Recently Andrew Korybko wrote an article essentially defending, “Pakistan’s extremely vocal support of Azerbaijan’s counteroffensive against Armenian forces in Occupied Nagorno-Karabakh”…my only point is, that which is legal isn’t always moral, and that which is moral isn’t always legal. Regarding the question of legality, Korybko ignores that India’s position on granting the plebiscite has many parallels to Azerbaijan’s position.

‘The Hidden Facts’ | 1920 Revolution Brigades | 8 Sep 2007

Back in September 2007, one of the leading Iraqi resistance movements of the time, the nationalist 1920 Revolution Brigades, released a video called ‘The Hidden Facts’ which made some serious predictions about the trajectory of the US occupation. Back when it came out, you could download it off P2P file sharing with relative ease, but now, it gets taken off YouTube…

In Lebanon, Are They Really All the Same?

The current economic problems of Lebanon are entirely a reflection of the West in decline. When the US-led world order was established, the West was economically far more dominant than it is today, so they invested in Lebanon, allowing for some growth, however, much of this was consumption heavy, serving wealthy elites.

State-Sponsor of Terror Lobbies Govt to Bully Aussies

In a multicultural society like Australia it is inevitable that there will be disagreements among us regarding overseas conflicts, but does that mean we should allow lobbyists representing the agenda of a foreign state to get away with potentially criminalising their fellow Australians for their opinions about those conflicts?

Yes, Australians Should Worry About Foreign Interference

This was written in the immediate aftermath of the Friday 26 June ASIO raids conducted against the homes of NSW parliamentarian Shaoquett Moselmane and his staffer John Zhang, which are the first to be carried out under the ‘foreign interference’ laws introduced in June 2018, ostensibly intended to prevent foreign governments from influencing our political affairs in ways detrimental to Australia’s national interest.

Australian MP Raided by Secret Police Without Evidence

The 26 June ASIO raids conducted against the homes of NSW parliamentarian Shaoquett Moselmane and his staffer John Zhang are the first to be carried out under the ‘foreign interference’ laws introduced in June 2018, that are ostensibly intended to prevent foreign governments from influencing our political affairs to the detriment of Australia’s national interest. The raids were carried out to find evidence of …

The Geopolitical Logic of Racism in Fascist Thought

Skimming his book ‘The Rising Tide of Color Against White World Supremacy’ (1920) because it was referenced by Domenico Losurdo’s book on Stalin to point out that white supremacist prejudices essentially reflected the geopolitical significance of the USSR as an ally of third-world national liberation movements.

The Imperial Ummah on Syria

History will remember that when the combined power of the US, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Israel etc. unleashed a decade of hell upon Syria, which is literally the only Arab country that arms the Palestinian resistance, many who claim they want to free Palestine, aided the aggression.

Soviet Victory Day 2020

On this day in 1945 Germany surrendered to the Red Army. This came four years after invading the Soviet Union, which lost 27 million people, resisting, then defeating this genocidal invasion.


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