Oil Prices Surge After Yemeni National Resistance Hit Saudi Oil Plants

Oil prices have surged after the Yemeni national resistance attacked the “largest crude oil stabilization plant in the world” in the Eastern Provinces of Saudi Arabia. According to Reuters, the hit on Abqaiq took out 5% of global oil production which caused prices to rise between 10-15%, and led the US government to release their strategic reserves to stabilise prices.

Things aren’t looking good for the Saudi mass-murderers, especially when their patrons in Washington preside over increasing energy independence at home, and when this rise in prices benefits their rivals, Russia & Iran. The world’s leading net-importers of oil (i.e. China, India, Japan) better tell the Saudis to stop their war on Yemen as soon as possible, because Brigadier General Yahya Sarei is only getting started.

Earlier this year Brigadier General Yahya Sarei of the Yemeni Army promised they would force the Saudis to pay heavily for the genocide they’re committing by hitting back with drone attacks and asymmetric warfare. Remember, half the population of Yemen is starving because of the Saudi blockade, even the leader of Ansarullah, Sayed Abdel Malik al-Houthi has drastically lost weight over the course of this war, which has punished Yemen for refusing to submit to Saudi Arabia and their pet, Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi, who doesn’t even live in Yemen, but in Riyadh.

Despite the entire Anglo-US military industry arming the Saudis and their hundred thousand mercenaries purchased from across the Muslim world, Yemenis still manage to reverse engineer the means of sabotaging the financial lifeline of the already faltering Saudi economy. Once again, these are not the actions of “Houthi rebels” rather that of the National Salvation Government based in the capital Sana’a, backed by the Yemeni Army, and inspired by the sacrifices of the Ansarullah movement.

This war began not in 2015 but in 2004 when the former pro-Saudi Yemeni government (under Saleh) responded to the constitutionally legal political activism of Ansarullah by murdering its leader, Hussein al-Houthi, and using the state to wage war on them, but how did that end? Ten years later, on the 21st of September 2014, the Yemeni state defected to the side of Ansarullah, the fifth anniversary of which is just a week away!

The world can either allow the Saudis to continue their genocide, or have stable oil supplies, but not both.

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