Yemeni National Resistance Hits Saudi Mercenaries in Najran

Real footage of captured Saudi mercenaries.

The Yemeni national resistance has inflicted another humiliating blow against the genocidal Saudi aggressors.

According to Brigadier General Yahya Sarei of the Yemeni army, three Saudi brigades have been defeated by the resistance INSIDE the Saudi-occupied province of Najran, hundreds of mercenaries have been killed/injured, thousands have been detained, AND senior Saudi officers have been taken as prisoners of war.

To quote him directly: “After the surrender of thousands of the enemy troops, the Yemeni army and Popular Committees worked on securing them from retaliatory airstrikes by the aggression coalition warplanes that targeted the captives with dozens of raids”

It is “Saudi-occupied” because although officially recognised as a province of Saudi Arabia, the province of Najran (as well as Baha, Asir and Jizan) is/are historically Yemeni. The only reason Saudi Arabia occupies them today is because they invaded Yemen in 1934 with the military backing of Britain.

The Saudi entity is the most artificial in the Arab world, representing the supremacy of the Nejd with Riyadh as its capital, ruling over territories that historically were never under its control, including the cities of Mecca & Medina. It is the Muslim/Wahhabi equivalent of Israel, while the occupied territories of northern Yemen should be treated as no different in status than the West Bank & Gaza. By striking the aggressors within their own “official” territory, the Yemeni national resistance is taking back what rightly belongs to them.

Despite the Saudis waging the most cowardly war in human history, one which starves half the population of a country to defeat them, the Yemeni resistance is winning because they’re fueled by patriotism, whereas the mercenaries hired by Riyadh are fighting for paychecks, which is why they need to buy billions of dollars worth of fancy Anglo-US military hardware to protect them against poor defiant Yemenis living on rations like their leader, Sayed Abdel Malik al-Houthi.

Saudi Arabia cannot protect its fragile oil economy or its mercenaries for much longer, it can either continue paying for its own defeat, or it can accept the terms of peace put forward by the REAL Yemeni President, Mahdi al-Mashat, not the FAKE “President” who lives in a hotel in Riyadh, and has been sentenced to death (in absentia) by his own country’s court for treason, which is why he can never return.

The rebellious spirit of Zayd ibn Ali lives on!

Glory to Yemen!

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