The Kurdish YPG & The Western Left

YPG collaborators alongside US occupation forces

Stop whining about poor “Rojava” being betrayed, as if we should all be deeply upset that the US is withdrawing from an illegal occupation.

Prior to the US intervention (Sep 2014) the YPG had, essentially, a non-aggression pact with the Syrian government so they could both concentrate on fighting the common enemy, that is, al-Nusra & ISIS, and by April 2011 the Syrian government had granted citizenship to the 300,000 stateless Kurds.

After the YPG gained the support of the United States they turned on the Syrian government that had previously protected them against ISIS, then they got the US to repeatedly sabotage, on their behalf, the efforts of the Syrian government to defeat that common enemy. They attempted to dislodge Syrian NDF and Assyrian militia checkpoints in Hasakah in January 2016. Then in June and August 2017 they got the US to shoot down Syrian jets that were targeting ISIS because they wanted to grab as much land as possible, land that was historically never even Kurdish by the way. They say they have “no friends but the mountains” and yet they find themselves deep within the plains of historically Arab/Assyrian Syria.

In December last year when the US threatened to withdraw, the YPG threatened to release 3,200 captured ISIS prisoners to “raise awareness”, prompting the Syrian government to divert its forces to Deir al-Zour just in case they made good on their promise, they didn’t, because the US stayed. In July this year, it was revealed that the YPG were selling stolen Syrian oil to “Israel” via their agent, Mordechai Kahana, whose company, the “Global Development Corporation”, has been awarded the right “to represent the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) in all matters related to the sale of oil owned by the SDC” according to leaked documents.

These oil assets are Syrian state owned property, which prior to the war supplied oil at subsidised prices to all Syrians, however, now it’s being sold to “Israel”, Syria’s enemy, while Syria is forced to rely on shipments sent by Iran around the tip of Africa, which then gets seized by the British navy, all because the YPG would rather sell to “Israel” than to their fellow Syrians. The Syrian government’s frustration with the YPG is therefore entirely understandable. The YPG will not tolerate Turkish backed AQ/FSA or ISIS militias on territory they control, but had no problem allowing the US to bomb Syrian forces, even if it meant raising the possibility of the rest of Syria being overrun by the same forces that they want the entire world to save them from.

Also, the Kurds are not some poor oppressed victims of history, they see themselves as a proud martial people, who for centuries were well represented among the ranks of successive Islamic hegemons, beginning with Salahadeen Ayyoubi, the Sultan of Egypt & Syria who defeated the Crusaders (and slaughtered Shiites after overthrowing the Fatimids). When the Zamorin of Calicut (city in Kerala, i.e. my people) needed help against the powerful Portuguese navy of Catholic sea terrorists, the Mamluks sent Amir Hussain al-Kurdi (you can guess by his name) who defeated the Portuguese at the Battle of Chaul in 1508 alongside the Sultanate of Gujarat.

During WW1, the Arabs took up arms against what they considered Turkish imperial rule after centuries of being economically underdeveloped, the wealth of the empire being concentrated in western Anatolia, an era in which Yemen suffered terribly from Ottoman invasions. Back then Kurds mostly sided with the decaying caliphate against the forces of Arab self-determination, while taking part in the genocides committed against Armenians and Assyrians (which the PKK, to their credit, acknowledge and have apologised for), artificially tipping the demographic scales in their favour.

My point isn’t some simplistic “Kurds are bad” argument, but that the narrative about Kurdish victimhood, which is quite fashionable among western liberals/leftists these days, flies in the face of history entirely, and has been contrived since 2014 to justify an illegal US occupation of Syria. If the YPG doesn’t want Turkish aggression, then they should allow Syria to reclaim its internationally recognised sovereignty over all territories east of the Euphrates (northern Syria), which would mean they’d gain the protection of Russia and Iran as well. Also, the fact that the YPG are well armed now means they have bargaining power against Damascus to push for greater national rights.

I don’t take sides in the dispute between Syrian Kurds and Damascus, that’s an internal Syrian affair, what I oppose is the US occupation of a sovereign country. Unfortunately, a lot of western leftists only “discovered” the Kurdish YPG in exactly August 2014 after David Graeber wrote an article making them as relatable as possible, linking them to anarchism, feminism and Murray Bookchin, but before that, they collectively knew very little about Kurdish people.

That burst of pro-YPG sentiment coincided with the US intervention in Syria one month later. Suddenly, the same socialist groups that supported Turkish backed terrorists against the Syrian government in the name of “revolution”, opposed them when they threatened “Rojava”. In hindsight, the only reason ISIS ended up being singled out as the uniquely evil “rebels” as opposed to the so-called “moderates” was a) so the US could balkanise Syria by severing territories north of the Euphrates and giving them to the YPG, and b) because ISIS threatened Iraqi Kurdistan.

At precisely that point, the same socialist groups that never condemned Turkey for backing al-Qaeda militias, even while Bilal Erdogan (son of the Turkish President) was helping them sell stolen Syrian oil (including to Israel, via Iraqi Kurdistan), suddenly discovered that Turkey was bad. The only time they take an interest in the third-world is when it has the US tick of approval, it seems. Obviously they all condemn what the US-Saudi alliance is doing to Yemen, but the level of concern is negligible compared to “revolutions” approved by the US deep state.

The western left has never been as controlled as they are today, to the point where I don’t even blame them anymore.

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