Pro-BJP Thugs Murder Protesters in Delhi

The vast majority of India has every reason to oppose the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Register of Citizens (NRC) when considering the consequences associated with their implementation.

Naturally, Communist, Dalit, and Muslim parties/movements are protesting these plans, but instead of protecting their right to protest, the Delhi police, controlled by the Home Minister Amit Shah, are actively fueling the violence, joining forces with the pro-BJP thugs currently roaming the streets of Delhi, murdering protesters (13 killed).

The Modi-Shah regime is reverting to the only “Gujarat model” it cares for, that is, unleashing violent thugs for political gain, the textbook definition of terrorism.

The CAA adds a religious criteria to Indian citizenship, giving non-Muslim refugees (numbering around 30,000 people) the right to claim Indian citizenship but only IF they came from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan before 2014. Why not a religion-neutral law for refugees to claim citizenship? Because the BJP/RSS have since their inception wanted to define Indian nationhood along religious lines. Why these arbitrarily selected nations? Because the BJP does not want even their fellow “Hindu” Tamils from Sri Lanka because they mostly won’t vote BJP (not that Tamil/Dravidian nationalists would self-identify as “Hindu”).

Additionally, the NRC would place the onus on Indians to prove their citizenship to the government, but the problem here is that literally hundreds of millions of Indians are undocumented, semi-literate, and thus will be disenfranchised if an NRC is implemented. First they’ll go for poor Muslims, then gradually, the working poor of all other faiths, especially the landless proletariat with no way to “prove” their citizenship before the bureaucratic nightmare that is the NRC.

India is a caste-based society, sort of like a pseudo-racial hierarchy, one which combines the worst of class oppression with the worst of national oppression. That’s why Dalits are against the NRC-CAA too, to quote Chandrashekhar Azad, the leader of the Bhim Army “if NRC is dreadful for someone in this country, then that are Dalits, Adivasis, and backward classes, those who don’t have or own any land”.

With slowing economic growth, the BJP knows that the democratic wave will eventually turn against them just as it began turning against the Congress in the 1970s during the first emergency. Knowing this, why wouldn’t they set in motion laws that can be gradually used against the weakest and most vulnerable Indians, stripping them of their rights, turning India into a nation of upper-caste citizens sitting on top a growing mass of immiserated non-citizens comprised of poor Muslims, untouchables, and the landless.

What happened in Gujarat in 2002 on Modi’s watch is now being inflicted upon the people of Delhi. In Kerala, where the CPIM government has refused to implement the NRC, the police are chasing away Hindutva thugs and rioters rather than let them murder protesters like the central government has done against the people of Delhi.

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