The Priorities of the Western Left

FB thread: You can’t have unity among Communists/”Leftists” in the Anglo empire without priorities, which you can’t have without priorities about the level of tolerance for differing opinions.

Within my own lifetime, in the past, it was acceptable to be a “TERF” but certainly not acceptable to support the war on Iraq. The former was well within the “Left” Overton window while the latter was well outside of it. Fast forward to 2020 and priorities have shifted. If you’re a “TERF” you’re well outside the “Left” Overton window, but if you supported the invasion of Libya, the proxy-war on Syria, the US occupation of northern Syria, or think Julian Assange somehow deserves his fate, or think that the Yemeni Houthis are agents of “Iranian imperialism”, then congratulations, you’re now well within the Overton window!

Given that corporate controlled social media platforms actively censor content into reflecting their priorities as much as possible, publishers are invariably incentivised to present opinions that won’t be censored. Eventually, what I call the “hierarchy of sin” (aka the “Left” Overton window) is transformed dramatically, so that supporting predatory wars is now either not a “sin” or a lesser “sin” but having certain views on sex/gender will get you cancelled because you’re perceived to have committed a much greater “sin”.

If the word “racism” refers to the social relationship between coloniser and colonised nations that developed throughout history, then what do we call a Left that considers certain views on sex/gender to be higher on the “hierarchy of sin” than literally the decimation of entire civilisations through military and economic wars of aggression?

In my experience, the same people who will cancel you for having the “wrong” views on sex/gender will gladly rub shoulders with people who support “humanitarian” imperialism, i.e. people who actively supported aggression against the Arab world over the past decade, even if the consequences amount to empowering those who don’t just have the “wrong” views on sex/gender, but also violently acted upon those views by slaughtering sexual minorities.

To summarise my argument, the extent to which differences can be tolerated is narrower on questions of sex/gender than on imperialism/geopol among the Anglo-empire Left.

Do you disagree?

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