The Imperial Ummah on Syria

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History will remember that when the combined power of the US, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Israel etc. unleashed a decade of hell upon Syria, which is literally the only Arab country that arms the Palestinian resistance, many who claim they want to free Palestine, aided the aggression.

In the West, including here in Australia, many prominent Palestine activists simply pretended that the Syrian war wasn’t happening, or they sided with the empire without realising it, or they’d approach me whispering quietly in private that they agreed with me on Syria, or they’d argue that Syria was too complicated to talk about.

Just imagine the alternate reality of the Syrian government falling to the al-Qaeda-FSA & ISIS gangs. Most likely it would end up like Libya, Somalia or Afghanistan, and within a decade, the US would probably intervene on the pretext of saving women and minorities from the very forces they aided, just like they did in Afghanistan.

That would be it, Israel would be surrounded by warlords who actually believe they have to conquer Iran before liberating Palestine based on cherry-picked quotes from the 13th century. The possible result? An eventual strategic NATO occupation headquartered in Damascus. Checkmate, game over, the Resistance Axis broken, Hezbollah isolated, kiss your dreams of liberating Jerusalem goodbye.

After all these years I still can’t get over the braindead hordes who opposed us on Syria while claiming to support Palestine, celebrating after every own goal. The good news is that in my experience, ‘zoomers’ are better than ‘millennials’ when it comes to Arab geopolitics, as they’ve developed an immunity to low-IQ “save the Muslims” propaganda, so it’s not all bad going forward.

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