The Geopolitical Logic of Racism in Fascist Thought

T.L. Stoddard was an American white supremacist who influenced the Nazis. I’m skimming his book ‘The Rising Tide of Color Against White World Supremacy’ (1920) because it was referenced by Domenico Losurdo’s book on Stalin to point out that white supremacist prejudices essentially reflected the geopolitical significance of the USSR as an ally of third-world national liberation movements.

Photo: This is how Stoddard divided the world, into white, brown, yellow, black, and amerindian.

Stoddard writes:

“Bolshevism has vowed the proletarianization of the world, beginning with the white peoples. To this end it not only foments social revolution within the white world itself, but it also seeks to enlist the colored races in its grand assault on civilization. The rulers of Soviet Russia are well aware of the profound ferment now going on in colored lands.”

“Accordingly, in every quarter of the globe, in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the United States, Bolshevik agitators whisper in the ears of discontented colored men their gospel of hatred and revenge. Every nationalist aspiration, every political grievance, every social discrimination, is fuel for Bolshevism’s hellish incitement to racial as well as to class war.”

For Stoddard the USSR was a traitor to the white race:

“Bolshevism is the renegade, the traitor within the gates, who would betray the citadel, degrade the very fibre of our being, and ultimately hurl a rebarbarized, racially impoverished world into the most debased and hopeless of mongrelizations.”

What’s my point?

Racism is not just a cultural phenomena of hatred and prejudice, it contains a geopolitical logic as well, which for the Axis in WW2 was to kill two birds with one stone, a) defeat the anti-colonial USSR, and b) transform the USSR into an enslaved colony for Germany, just as Britain had enslaved India, which is the comparison Hitler makes over and over again.

Your ‘true’ enemy is the one who looks at the world exactly the same way as you but simply takes the opposite side. For example, unlike a lot of Marxists, Hitler believed that Britain benefited from exploiting “three hundred and fifty million Indian slaves”. He was objectively correct, however, he thought this was a wonderful thing, thus making him a ‘true’ enemy to the vast majority of humanity.

WW2 was fought fundamentally over the colonial question. That this glaringly obvious reality is completely erased and obscured merely reflects that our ruling class, deep down inside, is upset that the Soviet Union won, and for that, Joseph Stalin will never ever be forgiven.

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