‘The Hidden Facts’, 1920 Revolution Brigades Video, Released 8 Sep 2007

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Back in September 2007, one of the leading Iraqi resistance movements of the time, the nationalist 1920 Revolution Brigades, released a video called ‘The Hidden Facts’ which made some serious predictions about the trajectory of the US occupation. Back when it came out, you could download it off P2P file sharing with relative ease, but now, it gets taken off YouTube all the time for crossing some arbitrary line. Unfortunately there was no transcript online, until now, history will be remembered.


Free people of the world,

We believe it is time to provide you with an updated report on the status of the war as we in the resistance factions perceive. We have several indications from the fields and from within the puppet government in Baghdad that the tactics used by the occupation forces have developed, yet the strategic aims that drive them remain the same.

In order to clarify the nature of such developments we must return to the facts. The invasion of Iraq was based on lies, mainly as we must all not forget that the previous government was stocking weapons of mass destruction and had links to the infamous al-Qaeda.

After the initial stages of this war the world discovered the scale of the White House deception. To avoid accountability and responsibility, the declared reasons gradually shifted to spreading democracy, and “taking the war to them”, as if the Iraqi people were responsible for the events of 9/11. Buying time while testing different tactics to achieve any level of success that may be marketed as a victory, or achievement, became a priority.

The project then collapsed, and the Pentagon woke up to a new reality. The Iraqi people did not welcome an invasion as some traitors (photo shown of Ahmed Chalabi) have guided, and the Iraqi army, which could not engage such a superior force with its outdated equipment in a classic battlefield, has handed over the cities to the occupier.

Large urban societies would require enormous financial support, and the funds found in Iraq’s banks would eventually disappear in the hands of looters, new funds would be required. Bush cannot simply ask for more funds from the US taxpayer but now that he controls the Middle East oil, he has no option but to increase the international price of oil to cover the increasing cost of occupying our country. This decision is the next mistake we in the resistance we’re praying for.

The additional revenues that would be available for Bush would also be available for other oil producing states, mainly Russia, Venezuela, and Iran. Each would benefit from the extra revenues in enforcing their position in the international arena. Russia today, after five years is stronger, and is rebuilding its previous glory.

Iran, which aided US intervention in Afghanistan and Iraq has succeeded in using US power to weaken two fronts, build a large and more powerful army, fund its nuclear ambitions, and support any organisation in the Middle East that is opposed to Israel and the US regardless of sect or agenda, in an attempt to extort the US into giving any concessions the defeated and cornered White House could spare.

Venezuela today nationalised many of its industries, reviving its economy and having more of a say when it comes to oil pricing. China has a growth rate that is confidently reaching the fourth. As for Europe, it is lost in between. With a Euro currency too strong to allow a considerable rise in exports, the union which requires restructuring before accepting new members, [has] a birth rate that is at its lowest, due to the strains and taxations on its working class, and energy requirements that increase along with costs, the future of Europe and its weak governments is not so promising.

Europe must find ways to enforce its own will and interests and work in conjunction with Russia to restore world stability and balance. As for the fragile Sheikhdoms that export oil in the Arabian Gulf, we assure you that they are exporting at maximum output. They are also in fear of an Iran which could easily cause havoc by firing a few missiles across the Gulf, this will devastate the stock markets and booming property-based industries which add up to their financial backbone.

They also cannot publicly assist the Iraqi resistance, until the US simply evacuate, to avoid being labelled as funders of terrorism. In Iraq, Bremer disbanded the Iraqi army, giving us more men and eagerness to free Iraq of its occupiers, and the amount of weapons stocks we have stored will last us for fifty years if not more. The White House, faced with all this, decided that a puppet government would assist in reducing the financial and administration strains in Iraq.

Bush then turned to the Kurdish parties and the Persian-backed militias for assistance but at what cost? Neither Turkey will accept an independent Kurdish state on its southern borders, nor Iran will stop at simply aiding the US, and easing its burden by controlling the south of Iraq, and have the US concentrate their efforts on central Iraq.

On the contrary the puppet government’s ministries of influence, such as the interior and defence, were handed over to the Iranian-backed militias, clarifying even more the secret arrangement between the US and Iran.

Here the White House believed that by trying to enforce sectarian violence amongst Iraqis, the level of attacks on US troops will be reduced, but this tactic as we also predicted has also failed.  Iraqis have a high rate of inter-sect marriages, and that deprives anyone the ability to divide such as society by sect.

Also, the amount of killings and sadistic brutality of these militias, has left the US and this puppet government in Baghdad exposed internationally. Today these militias, have become the major source of instability in Iraq. We must also not forget that the atrocities of Abu Ghraib prison and the use of chemical weapons on our civilians, added to the failure.

The Pentagon then increased the number of security contractors who have a high price-tag and gave them more field duties, this way, if any are killed, these figures are not disclosed, as is the case with the green card soldiers.  

As for the Islamic party which claims it represents the Sunnis in the puppet government, they have played all their cards with no positive gains and more pressure is being enforced on them by us, to withdraw, and deprive it of its legal status. We know they will pull out sooner or later for they have nothing to offer to the Iraqi people, and staying in power will do more harm than good.  

The Pentagon, and under the orders of Rumsfeld, resorted to a new tactic. If Iraqis are not accepting what the US wants, they must simply leave Iraq. In essence, change the people of Iraq make them refugees in neighbouring countries until they dissolve in their host societies and when these countries complain, bully or bribe them into silence.  

True, it will affect our people and create an imbalance in the composition of our society but again to our advantage. Our people who leave as refugees will be safer and when they find jobs, whatever they may be, in neighbouring countries they provide the minimums for their families and acquire the working skills required to build Iraq after victory.

Free people of the world as this conflict develops we are more sure of our predictions and analysis and the foreign players in Iraq today have reached a state, where their interests are no longer common, there is more to disagree on, and conflict is present, and looking at all the details of the timeline of this conflict, as we have explained, we do not see one correct decision or action taken on the part of the US. Not one single positive achievement. This by far is the most costly pack of lies any criminal has come up with. This is why Bush today is alone and isolated in his own little world. All his generals and strategists cannot offer him a solution. His people do not believe in him and his army of looters and thieves is lost, tired and disoriented.

The true reasons of this war as we all know is oil, world domination, corporate government, and the guarantee of existence to the so-called state of Israel. Here we must not forget that the Iraqi resistance, and despite all the reservations that some might have, has set a unique example that will be studied by historians and analysts for years to come.

Most importantly, it has taught the world of oppressed nations and societies, that a self-sufficient resistance movement in our modern times is possible, and can destabilise the most powerful opponent, let alone, local governing bodies that cooperate with imperial powers, they are much easier to remove and eradicate and this reverses the known equation.

One free man can change the outcome of a day.

The resistance has proved to the world that it is through morality and determination that you can achieve and gain your rights and that the ideological pretext that is marketed by the US media as being the cause of this war is nothing but another lie.

Religions have co-existed for thousands of years in peace, why is it now a problem? Ideological and religious fanaticism on all sides, is only an excuse and not the reason, which is economic gain and influence. The resistance has also proved, that the highly consumable, capital-based economies cannot fight long wars, and their greed for energy to sustain a specific lifestyle will eventually grind humanity into a global market of exploitation and slavery, only to be followed by total collapse. Capitalism as is tested more and more, with less energy available, will eventually fail.

In all what we have stated, we are proud to say that the Iraqi resistance has and continues to redefine the meaning of the word “conquest”. We also extend our hands again and again to those troops in Iraq, who are still holding on to their morality and humanity, to those who do not want to be part of this crime, that the door of our mosques and churches would always remain open for you and we in the resistance will honour your humanity, and will assist you in discreetly taking you out of Iraq into neighbouring countries, where you will not be prosecuted and labelled as deserters.

We know there are many amongst you who want to leave but we can only help if you gather the courage to express sorrow, remorse, and detachment from this crime. We have smuggled out tens and tens of honest men who thought they were coming to Iraq for a cause. Only a few cases such as US Marine Wassef Ali Hassoun, who was captured, then during interrogation it was clearly evident that this man was not a criminal and thus we could not harm him.

We undertook the task of taking him out of Iraq to safety. We are usually more heavy-handed with punishment when we find people of Arab or Iraqi origin who aid the US. Another is a supplies driver by the name of Mohammed Ali Sana who was working for a Kuwaiti company that was supplying goods to US bases. During interrogation and extensive dialogue, it is clearly evident, that this man, was sorry for what he did.

Even the transport company he worked for, stopped its cooperation with the occupation, closed its office in Baghdad and left. He was also released and these are only two examples that we can declare only because the cases went public, as we do not intend to jeopardise the lives of others we helped.

We also extend our appreciation and respect to all the honourable people around the world, the heroes of dignity and freedom, the brave men and women of the anti-globalisation and peace movements, we in Iraq are thankful and grateful for all that you have done and your continued efforts to end this conflict and confront the white collar criminals of corporate governments, may God bless you all, and continue to engulf you with patience and resolve.

And to the American people we say you have finally awakened and the millions of honourable people amongst you, have now realised that the Iraqi people are not your enemies and they are not responsible for your grief. It is your troops which occupy our country and not us yours. The arrogant war criminal who rules in your name has humiliated your nation and military honour and we believe that a democracy that is not willing to fight for its own freedom is no better than raw dictatorship.

Your great efforts to remove the war criminal from the White House have changed the equation in your government tremendously but it is too great disappointment that Bush is insisting even more in his arrogance to go against your will at ending this war.

Bush does not respect his own people and we believe that because he knows that the political solution will not be reached with the Iraqi resistance he will leave to the Democrats a heavy burden by the time he’s out of office.

He cannot comprehend that a few good men have brought his project in the Middle East to a complete halt. Bush cannot stay in Iraq where he is caught between the fire of the resistance and that of Iran, and if he leaves after all the losses and humiliation the oil rich South of Iraq will be in the hands of Iran and this is what US strategy cannot accept.  

Bush’s last attempt and revenge will be to pull out of Iraq and plan its disintegration into three geographically carved states then strike the strategic assets of Iran to bring its already strained economy down to collapse, thus the Democrats will be left with a Middle East that is even more unstable than it is now, and despite our knowledge that when it comes to strategic interests both parties do not conflict and it is only the methods that bear difference the Democrats have a chance to end this conflict in a face saving solution for the US by first declaring that they recognise the factions of the Iraqi resistance as the representatives of the Iraqi people and the Iraqi republic after which a negotiating team would be arranged to negotiate your troop withdrawal, compensation of Iraq and matters of future interest. It is only through the Iraqi resistance that a solution may be born.

Finally, we say to Bush and those behind him you can go all you want with your plans, strategies and executions, and we with ours. Lead your troops into battle, with every high-tech gadgetry and equipment military science has ever developed, and we will go as primitive and creative as we can, creating the necessary gap that continues to deprive you of the upper hand.

Attack with all your force if we leave you a trace for so many traces were left for the fool and arrogant. Hide all your troop casualties and we will deprive you of new recruits, raise the oil prices more and more, and strengthen other aspiring nations and we would deprive you of ours.  

Then raised the cost of occupation till we break your bones in Baghdad and Babylon, wander the shelves of history, in search of methods to adapt, we will confront you with a form of variable adaptable and reversible asymmetric warfare that will set the standard for years to come and may the best man win.  

1920 Revolution Brigades, media office, Baghdad

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