Reasons Why Trump = Lesser Evil on U.S. Foreign Policy

Before winning in 2016, Trump was the anti-war candidate *relative* to Hillary Clinton who wanted to impose a no-fly-zone over Syria, which could only necessitate shooting down Russian planes. By contrast, Trump was openly praising Russia for eliminating ISIS. Given the information available at that time, Trump was the lesser evil on foreign policy relative to Clinton, hands down.

Sure, Trump also pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal and intensified the sanctions, but the twist is that this bolstered the ‘hardliners’ in Iran who always hated that deal because it required Iran dismantle its own capabilities and instead rely on the UK, EU and USA for nuclear material. Iran now has ‘ten times’ the amount of enriched uranium allowed by the deal that Obama agreed to.

Sure, Trump has also increased the severity of the economic sanctions on Syria and Iran, but they were raised to the level of general financial sanctions (very severe) under Obama in 2011 (when Joe Biden was VP). Trump also launched airstrikes on Syria twice after the fake chemical weapons accusations, but he also ended all CIA aid for the so-called “Syrian rebels” in Aug 2017, which helped Syria take back territory.

You simply cannot say this ending of CIA aid would have happened anyway with Clinton as president for the simple reason that she was very enthusiastic about toppling Assad, that too for the sake of Israel as Wikileaks revealed.

Sure, the US still continues illegally occupying northern Syria on behalf of the Kurdish YPG, but Trump did try pulling out of Syria, not once, but twice. On both occasions, the same corporate media outlets that are currently backing Biden & Harris were shaming him for abandoning the Kurds!

The most heinous crime of Trump was the random terrorist attack that assassinated Shaheed Qassem Soleimani in Jan 2020, who had played a decisive role, in defeating ISIS, defeating the dirty-war on Syria & Iraq, and in defeating the Israeli occupation of Lebanon. But now the US is exiting both Iraq & Syria, against the wishes of Israel, which would prefer US soldiers remain there indefinitely.

Another BIG reason to consider Trump the lesser evil on foreign policy is that he wants to withdraw from NATO on the grounds that it costs the US taxpayer too much and the Europeans aren’t paying their fair share. If this actually happens, it would be a historic victory for Russia. It’s why Putin considers Trump the lesser evil, and why the meme about Russia hacking the 2016 election to help Trump win still has so much mileage.

Some people give Trump credit for inching towards normalising relations with North Korea, but I don’t. For that you have to give credit to the two Korean leaders because both want unification. Regardless, the pro-DNC pro-Biden media hates Trump for not being harder on North Korea!

Where Trump is more hawkish than Biden is in relation to China, but even then, the US naval pivot to Asia began on Obama’s watch, and there’s no reason to think that would reverse under Biden.

The China problem for the US is that China has them ‘by the balls’ economically. The 2007-08 GFC would have been far worse if it hadn’t been for China agreeing to buy more US debt, rather than taking Putin’s advice and selling off their US debt to crash the dollar. Given this dependence on China, Trump’s war-like rhetoric is deeply unsettling to Wall St.

Perhaps the ONLY redeeming thing about Biden is that he promised to end the war on Yemen, which is *another* war that began, with US support to Saudi Arabia, under Obama in March 2015. But in hindsight, both Obama & Trump also presented themselves as anti-war before coming to power in ways far more pronounced than what Biden has done so far, so why would anyone believe Biden, especially with his solidly pro-war record?

Biden aggressively pushed for the US bombing of Serbia, the invasion of Iraq, and naturally supported ALL the Obama wars when he was VP. Plus he’s completely senile, and therefore easier to manipulate.

All these reasons are undetectable to the Imperial Left, who spent the last decade cheering on Obama’s wars, but for all these reasons, Trump, the ‘devil you know’ is preferable.

Ultimately, there’s no prizes in lesser evilism because it’s impossible to know what would have happened had the other candidate won, but at the same time, identifying the lesser evil is necessary for the rest of the planet which has to live with the consequences of who occupies the White House.

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