Saudis Hiding Their Defeat

So obvious now that the Saudis are covering up the damage being inflicted upon them by Yemeni resistance drone strikes on their military and oil infrastructure. On Friday the resistance hit an oil refinery in Riyadh, and a week ago Samad 3 drones struck King Khalid military base located in the historically Yemeni but today Saudi occupied province of Asir.

Now the commander of the Yemeni national resistance, Yahya Sarei, has claimed responsibility for more drone strikes on the same base using Qasef-2K drones, also known as the Yemeni ‘ababil’, after the story in the Quran of the birds (ababil) that protected the Kaaba from an invading army by dropping stones from their beaks to kill the soldiers of that army.

King Khalid airbase can host around 65,000 people, mainly mercenaries drawn from across the entire world, who are so useless and low on morale that the Saudis have lost control of large parts of Najran, another historically Yemeni province handed over to the Najdi occupation regime. Houthi militia frequently raid Najran, kill scores of mercenaries then retreat. They have complete mastery over that territory because it’s rightfully theirs.

The Saudis are hiding the damage that has been inflicted upon their military installations by the Yemeni national resistance. There has been some talk in Washington by Biden of ending US support for the Saudi-led war on Yemen. Here I believe the US ruling class is truly divided. On the one hand, they don’t want the Yemeni resistance to win, but on the other hand, every dollar that the Saudis spend on war is one less that could have been spent on buying US Treasury bonds.

Sure, the US can just print money, but they’d prefer to borrow from cashed up client states so they can try to keep inflation down to 2.2 percent this year. The Saudis spend $200 million per day on bombing and starving Yemen, which is $73 billion per year, and that doesn’t even count for the huge losses in equipment.

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