Yemen Rejects Fake Saudi Ceasefire Proposal

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The Saudis are proposing a ceasefire in Yemen but the terms haven’t changed unfortunately.

Saudi FM: “We will do all we can to put the necessary pressure on the Houthis to accept and to come to the negotiating table and to lay down arms, because we believe that a stop to the fighting and a focus on a political solution is the only way forward”

The al-Arabiya article then reads, “if the two parties agree to the deal, Sanaa airport will reopen, which will allow fuel and food imports through the Hodeidah port, according to the minister.”

This seems like the same old proposal. The Saudis are saying they will stop starving Yemen when the Houthis surrender, that is, when Yemen surrenders. Such demands are unacceptable to the Yemeni resistance which maintains that a ceasefire is only acceptable if the blockade is lifted.

My guess is that the Saudis are scared so they’re trying to pretend like they can solely dictate terms. Their armies of paid mercenaries are mostly dead, they have all but lost control over Najran (which is a historically Yemeni province), they have no allies in Yemen, their stooges are being chased out of Aden, and they face Yemeni drone and cruise missile attacks on their oil and military infrastructure.

According to Yemeni resistance spokesman and senior Ansarullah official Muhammad al-Bukhaiti:

“Peace cannot be achieved by stopping the war unilaterally. The aggression’s refusal to stop the war simultaneously on all fronts shows the lack of seriousness in peace. Yemen has no choice but to continue striking deep inside Saudi Arabia and move forward in liberating every inch by force.”

In other words, the Saudis better lift the blockade otherwise the Yemeni national resistance will continue to strike deep inside Saudi territory.

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