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Returning Uyghur Militants, Chinese Govt Crackdown

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The ‘Uyghur genocide’ narrative being promoted by Anglo-American governments serves only one purpose, to justify military escalation against China, and if the West really cared about genocide, then ‘we’ would stop committing one against the people of Yemen.

As for the claims of ‘genocide’, the reality is that a population of 11 million Uyghurs exported roughly 10-20k fighters to battlefields across the Arab world. How does China deal with that potential threat? Looks like they detain those they suspect of being returned fighters, and send them to re-education camps for vocational training.

Now, you may think that’s harsh, but spare a thought for the people of Syria who have lost loved ones, especially conscripted soldiers in their national army, who died heroically while beating back the neo-Ottoman invasions of the past decade.

Idlib, which is a province of Syria illegally occupied by Turkey, is effectively being colonised by foreigners, especially Uyghurs.

None of this is new in the historical sense. From the 9th century onwards, the Abbasid Caliphate (capital, Baghdad) began relying on Turkic slave-soldiers whose descendants (the Ottomans) would eventually seize the title of Caliph from the Abbasids (see Sultan Selim I) and invade Syria, paving the way for four centuries of Ottoman rule.

Over the past decade we witnessed a similar phenomenon, with Erdogan, the wannabe Caliph, recruiting thousands of Uyghur mercenaries to invade Syria. If the Syrian government had been overthrown, these Uyghurs would be the new neo-Ottoman ruling junta in Syria, but because Syria successfully resisted, China has to worry about these fighters returning home.

Ultimately we in the Anglo-American empire should hold ourselves ethically responsible for what we do. Our governments supported the mass mobilization of neo-Ottoman al-Qaeda/IS mercenaries from across the world for the proxy-invasions of Syria, Iraq, Libya, and Yemen. If we didn’t pursue these predatory policies, China would not have to deal with the consequences.

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