Press TV Interview: Sheikh Jarrah

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My Interview, Press TV

This was filmed on 10 May, just hours before the first rockets were fired by the Palestinian resistance.

The Israeli settler organisations attempting to evict Palestinians from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah began their attempts by claiming their clients had Ottoman title deeds from the 19th century, which they presented to the Israeli courts in 1972.

But in 1982 the Palestinians magically became “protected tenants’ because their lawyer, Yitzhak Toussia-Cohen, accepted this status on their behalf, behind their backs and without their consent. The Israeli court ordered the Palestinians to pay rent to the settlers from that point onwards.

In 1997, one of the Palestinians facing eviction, Suleiman Hijazi, produced documents from the Ottoman archives proving his title deed over some properties in Sheikh Jarrah, but the Israeli courts rejected his claims because of the precedent set by the 1982 Toussia-Cohen backstab.

Hijazi then submitted a request to Turkey, asking for corresponding records from their archives to test the claims of the settlers, but the bureaucracy did not have them, suggesting what the settlers presented were forgeries, which is what the Palestinians have maintained since 1972 when the attempts to steal their homes began.

Besides the obvious nature of apartheid, the official reason the Israeli courts are siding with the settlers is not based on their claimed 19th century Ottoman era title deeds, but because of a lying Israeli lawyer. Meanwhile Palestinians cannot reclaim ANY land using Ottoman title deeds.

I talk about this and more in my latest interview with Marwa Osman for Press TV. Towards the end I mentioned the coverage of Turkey and Qatar in favour of Palestine, but unfortunately we ran out of time.

I was about to make the point that for these two countries, images of Palestinian suffering is just media content that is not tied to an actual strategy of victory, whereas the countries that actually do have a strategy like Iran and Syria have all been severely weakened as a consequence of what are ultimately Israeli foreign policy objectives.

So if the “friends of Palestine” could maybe help out the friends of Palestine, or at least stop stabbing them in the back, that would be great.

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