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Why Israel Has No Interest in Resolving the Israel-Palestine Conflict

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There’s two possible ways of solving the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Two-state solution.

For this to happen, Israel would have to vacate all settlers and military forces from the West Bank and East Jerusalem. This is something Israel refuses to do, rather they are using the apartheid wall as an advancing frontline, cutting through villages, demolishing homes, and unleashing armed settler vigilantes to terrorize the native Palestinian population.

As we’ve seen this month, Israel proceeds along this path, then the Palestinians resist eviction until eventually the national resistance feels compelled to make Israel pay some kind of price for trying to ethnically cleanse East Jerusalem of its Palestinian population. For Israel, the cost of sustained missile barrages from the resistance must then be weighed against the gain from a few stolen properties.

One state solution.

Israel fully absorbs the Palestinian population under their control by granting them the same legal rights as citizens. But then we know what will happen, the Palestinians will form a political coalition and win power like Mandela in South Africa.

Soon, the name of the country will revert back to Palestine. The new government may pass a law saying that because Israel invited only Jews for the past century, that this right would now be reversed in favour of Palestinians for the next century, making possible the right of return.

The Palestinians could temporarily form an alliance with the Haredi Jews, who are 12% of the Israeli citizenry, who refuse to be drafted into the Israeli army, live on government welfare, have a birth-rates twice as high as the rest of the Israeli population, and are generally seen as useless by other Israelis.

According to Yuval Diskin, former head of the Israeli Shinbet, “most of the economic and military burden in Israel will soon be borne by only 30% of the Israelis, and in this way, the Israeli society will not be spared from the problems that await it”. Supporting the rights of Haredi Jews to be useless would give Palestinians an easy majority in the armed forces.

Also, there would be no need for Israeli Jews to leave. So long as Palestinians are the majority and have hegemony over the state why would they want to kick out the most advanced mercurial minority in human history with whom they share common Semitic origins?

New Palestinian state propaganda could emphasise that the Persians, Arabs, and Muslims had on three occasions fought for the rights of Jews to return, albeit combined with the occasional guilt inducing reminder to the beneficiaries of the former apartheid regime that those same rights were not afforded to the Palestinians under their rule.

The problem is that the current Israeli political class knows that such absorption of the native Palestinian population will undermine the ‘Jewishness’ of the Israeli state, which is correct in the same way that the absorption of the native Black population in South Africa would undermine the ‘Whiteness’ of the South African state.

That’s what dismantling apartheid looks like.

So, in short, we in the West are subsidizing a highly destructive ethno-state that refuses to absorb its indigenous population and vows to start letting nukes fly if the resistance overpowers them militarily. This is a state that would rather destroy the world than live as equals with Arabs.

1. End all financial and military aid to Israel.

2. Sanction Israel until they give up their nukes.

3. Watch how quickly they negotiate for peace.

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