Invaders Beaten Back: Yemenis Liberate Parts of Jizan (in Saudi Occupied Arabia)

The Yemeni national resistance is rapidly consolidating control over Jizan province in Saudi occupied Arabia, and are now gunning for King Khalid airbase further north which was recently attacked by Yemeni drones.

Jizan: 150 square kms liberated. Around 80 Saudi-backed mercenaries exterminated, another 120 wounded and captured. Around 29-60 Saudi armoured personnel carriers have been destroyed, each costing around $1-2 million.

Although the provinces of Baha, Asir, Jizan and Najran are ‘officially’ part of Saudi Arabia, this is only because Saudi armies – backed by Britain – invaded Yemen in 1934, seizing territories that were historically Yemeni and Zaydi.

While the Palestinians have countless UN resolutions in their favour, the Yemenis have none. The entire genocidal war against Yemen is ‘legal’ according to international law, which recognises over 150,000 non-Yemeni mercenaries paid dearly by Saudi Arabia as defending the ‘legitimate government’ of Yemen.

Meanwhile, the Yemeni national resistance seizing control of historically Yemeni provinces is considered ‘illegal’ according to international law, even as they liberate the lands of their forefathers.

This is a MAJOR embarrassment to the Saudis, who have also effectively lost control over Najran (2 years ago) and may soon lose Jizan as well, which would add substantial resources to Yemen’s depleted coffers.

It’s so embarrassing for the Saudis that they will not cry about it too loudly because the idea that the world’s 5th largest military spender is losing its ‘internationally recognised’ territory to the starved and besieged Yemeni national resistance, will seriously undermine US support for the war.

Joe Biden wants to print $6 trillion dollars, which means he’ll need his Saudi servants to buy US treasury bonds in order to keep the US cost of borrowing under control. Meanwhile the Saudis have been spending $200 million per day since March 2015 slaughtering Yemenis and they’re losing.

Ultimately, Saudi Arabia is the Israel of the Arab world, which is why it makes sense that the two are now strategic partners.

Both were established in the power-vacuum following the Ottoman defeat in WW1. Both invaded and occupied territories that were never historically theirs. Both had their land theft sanctified by the UN. Both feel insecure because of how they were founded, which is why both have embarked on destroying surrounding nations

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