The purpose of NATO is to aggressively contain Russia.

If Ukraine is allowed to join NATO, there will be NATO military bases and missiles on Ukrainian soil pointing at Russia’s largest cities. Russia will then be forced to spend more on defence than it does currently, which can only weaken the civilian economy and create secessionist tendencies within its republics.

Under this protective alliance, NATO will then naturally proceed to smuggle arms to these republics via Ukraine, thereby forcing Russia to bleed money and the lives of its soldiers. The purpose of NATO is to weaken Russia because it is a large resource rich country that does not rely on exploiting the third-world the way the US financial system does.

Throughout the 20th century, the USSR armed national liberation movements and aided the postcolonial world, thereby weakening the stranglehold that the West had over Asia, Africa and Latin America. Therefore, if Russia and China are allowed to develop peacefully with the postcolonial world, the US dollar will experience worsening inflation.

Those outraged by the Russian invasion of Ukraine mostly did not care when Russian Ukrainians were being stripped of their linguistic rights after Kiev fell into the hands of a junta that apparently feels the need to ethnically cleanse its Russian population to gain the confidence of NATO.

These people only care about stopping Russia now because the media is giving this invasion non-stop coverage, unlike the 7-year genocidal invasion and seige of Yemen (a country betrayed by Russia incidentally) that these same people don’t care about because the media doesn’t care.

The borders of Ukraine are a Soviet creation. This country would not exist were it not for the Bolshevik willingness to appease national minorities by giving them borders with large historically Russian populations. After seceding from the USSR, Russia has only made one key demand of Ukraine, which is that they agree not to join a military pact – NATO – designed from its inception to aggressively contain Russia but Ukraine’s leadership couldn’t help themselves.

Of course NATO will claim they don’t want Ukraine in NATO, especially when there’s a politically powerful Russian population in the eastern areas where all the highly prized arms factories are. This is why those Russian Ukrainians who don’t want their country turned against Russia are a problem for Kiev, hence the 8 year war against Russian separatists.

No one wants war, and frankly it’s disappointing to see, but the Kiev regime bears full moral responsibility for this catastrophe.

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