The Western Left Has ALWAYS Betrayed The Russian Anti-War Movement

The Russian anti-war movement succeeded in ending their government’s role in WW1, paving the way for the Bolshevik revolution, and how were they repaid? With endless Western aggression in the form of foreign intervention, the Axis invasion that killed 27 million Soviet people, and NATO expansion to their borders over the past three decades.

It is we, the English-speaking Western Left, that have FAILED to stop the wars of aggression waged by our parasitic bankster elite, whereas in Russia today, even with NATO breathing down their necks, and even with the treachery of the Ukrainian government, these Russian protestors STILL oppose this war.

You know why?

Because Russians have ALWAYS been more peaceful than the people of the Anglo-empire. How many Anglo-empire Leftists protested when their rulers were starving to death millions of Indians? They didn’t care. How many know even the basic details about the ongoing genocide against Yemen? Very few, they’re too busy obsessing over their own gender and sexual identities.

I remember when I was in Russia for the World Festival of Youth and Students in 2017, our guide Maria told us about how her mother felt SORRY for the German soldiers who had been captured by the Soviet army because of how injured and wretched they looked. Even after losing family members to a racist Western war of genocidal aggression, they still had sympathy for the defeated enemy.

These protesting Russians are GOOD people, and if you want to help them, then you should campaign against the INSANE policy of NATO expansion pursued by the West after the Soviet collapse that led to this point. The working class in the West will only experience inflation while the owners of arms companies will be laughing all the way to the bank.

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