Yemen: So Close to Victory

The WSJ just quoted an anonymous Saudi general as saying that, “if they [the Ansarullah-led Yemeni resistance] control Marib, we will lose the war”.

This is how insecure the Saudi military command in Yemen feels when stationed in Marib. According to the WSJ author, “to reduce risks of being targeted, Saudi military advisers in Yemen ditch their uniforms for the traditional ankle-length robes commonly worn here”.

The report sympathises with Sheikh Sultan al-Aradah, the governor of Marib, pointing out that his “home was destroyed in September by two Houthi ballistic missiles”, but what they won’t mention is that his brother is the al-Qaeda emir of Marib, as well as being a top Islah (Muslim Brotherhood) leader.

For that information you need to read the Yemeni news:

“Sheikh Khalid al-Aradah, an emir of al-Qaeda organisation in Marib [is the] brother of Sultan al-Aradah, governor of Marib province in Hadi’s government, and a leader of Islah party, Yemeni branch of Muslim Brotherhood in Marib province…”

Last year I reported for The Cradle that because the Saudis were getting desperate, they were importing foreign al-Qaeda mercenaries to Yemen, paying them $4000 per month. By contrast, Yemenis fighting on the Saudi side get paid only $100 per month.

One of the main reasons you don’t hear about Yemen in the media is because it’s too embarrassing for the US to admit that they’re committing this genocide alongside foreign al-Qaeda mercenaries.

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