Indian-Americans Lecturing India

In the latest episode of Indian-Americans selling out the interests of their ancestral homeland to serve the interests of the US and NATO, we have Indian-American Congressman Ami Bera who is upset that India is getting cheap oil:

“India is now reportedly looking to bypass international sanctions and buy Russian oil at a steeply discounted rate, potentially giving Putin an economic lifeline at a time when the Russian economy is reeling from international sanctions”

He’s joined by US Congressman Rohit Khanna, who is now chastising India for not condemning Russia, claiming that India is “clearly in the wrong” for simply serving its own interests, rather than bowing to US pressure, which is what he wants, so he can serve his masters in the DNC machine.

A few years ago, the US used Indian-American Nikki Haley to successfully pressure India into halting oil imports from Iran, which India complied with, causing oil-prices to skyrocket, and putting India more at the mercy of the the Saudis, which perhaps explains why India voted in favour of the latest genocidal UN resolution (#2624) against Yemen.

Mind you, Khanna does advocate for ending the war on Yemen, so if he’s in favour of “human rights” and also wants to suppress oil prices, he should be pressuring Saudi Arabia to end the war on Yemen, and increase production to drive down prices.

National Security Advisor Daleep Singh appears to have been promoted simply to lecture India on why it should intentionally squeeze its population with inflation just so the US can punish Russia.

“What we would not like to see is a rapid acceleration of India’s imports from Russia as it relates to energy or any other any other exports that are currently being prohibited by the US [and we are] …very keen for all countries, especially our allies and partners, not to create mechanisms that prop up the ruble and that attempt to undermine the dollar-based financial system.”

He warned India that there would be “consequences [for] countries that actively attempt to circumvent or backfill” but stopped short of outlining those “consequences”.

Amazing how the wealthiest ethnic minority in the US, i.e., Indian-Americans, find it so easy to advance their careers by demanding that one billion Indians in their ancestral homeland tighten their belts, but then again, “we” are the people that got colonised by a corporation so this is unsurprising.

If you’re going to be an Indian-diaspora politician in the English-speaking West, the least you can do is NOT bully your ancestral homeland on behalf of the most genocidal state on earth. By all means, serve the interests of your adopted nation and be a patriotic American, which is your duty, but it should not be at the expense of where your parents came from.

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