On “Support” For Revolutions Overseas

I get asked all the time by Iranian exiles why I don’t condemn crimes allegedly perpetrated by the Iranian government. The answer is pretty simple, I live in Australia, which is subservient to the US and UK.

In this context, condemning the Iranian government serves only one purpose: to manufacture consent for aggression against Iran, which is the far greater crime in terms of how many lives have been lost. We in the West are primarily responsible for what WE do.

Western Leftists will eventually start making the argument that they have a duty to ‘stand in solidarity’ with their Leftist co-religionists in Iran. Okay, by doing what exactly? Virtue signalling online then holding small rallies alongside disgruntled Iranian exiles to ‘show your solidarity?’

What is that going to achieve? The media will interview a bunch of people, especially female exiles, cite that as evidence that there is ‘growing global condemnation’ of Iran, women will start crying on TV to ‘do something’, then the West will start escalating their destabilisation campaign against Iran even further.

The only thing these ‘show solidarity’ people will achieve is to manufacture consent for Western aggression against Iran. If you don’t want to be used for this purpose, then yes, engage in one-sided criticism of Western aggression only, and don’t get gaslit into thinking you must play God and condemn both sides.

Defending a country is not the same as defending the political system of that country. When I criticise US economic coercion against India, I’m defending India, I’m not defending Modi or the BJP. Similarly, defending Iran is not the same as defending their political system, which is an internal matter, and none of our business.

That being said, when have anti-theocracy Iranian exiles ever raised their voices against the economic sanctions against Iran, or against the assassination of Iran’s nuclear scientists? Never. Their refusal to defend Iran vindicates accusations of treachery against them by their fellow Iranians.

Soon you’re going to see an endless stream of attractive young Iranian women singing socialist songs in Farsi to appeal to Western Leftists, who in turn are going to start chimping out the way they did over the Kurds in Rojava.

Such an old script, honestly.

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