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Yemen: Incompetent Reporting By CBS

CBS News reporter Holly Williams goes to Marib in Yemen to interview the governor of the US-Saudi backed “Hadi govt”. Holly asks how al-Qaeda can be eliminated without realising that she interviewed the BROTHER of an al-Qaeda emir.

On the Iranian Protests

In Iran, the protests are unified only by what they oppose, namely the female dress code and more broadly the theocracy. However, they’re not unified by political ideology, which frequently defaults to liberalism premised on individual freedoms when you watch interviews of Iranian activists.

On “Support” For Revolutions Overseas

I get asked all the time by Iranian exiles why I don’t condemn crimes allegedly perpetrated by the Iranian government. The answer is pretty simple, I live in Australia, which is subservient to the US and UK. In this context, condemning the Iranian government serves only one purpose: to manufacture consent for aggression

Is Zelensky In Charge?

Turns out that Russia offered to withdraw to its pre-invasion position in exchange for Ukraine promising to remain neutral and not join NATO (Foreign Affairs).

Nikolai Patrushev: “Washington Will Default”

The Secretary of the Russian Security Council, Nikolai Patrushev, met with leaders of ASEAN recently – that’s the Association of Southeast Asian Nations – and warned that the US may default on its external debt, which many countries hold in US Treasury bonds.

Indian-Americans Lecturing India

In the latest episode of Indian-Americans selling out the interests of their ancestral homeland to serve the interests of the US and NATO, we have Indian-American Congressman Ami Bera who is upset that India is getting cheap oil.

Yemen: So Close to Victory

The WSJ just quoted an anonymous Saudi general as saying that, “if they [the Ansarullah-led Yemeni resistance] control Marib, we will lose the war”. This is how insecure the Saudi military command in Yemen feels when stationed in Marib.

Stop Being Brzezinski’s Emotional Tool

Westerners who want to go around saving people in non-Western countries from “evil dictators” are just well-meaning tools of far more cynical offensive realists like Zbigniev Brzezinski, who wrote the following in The Grand Chessboard (1997):

Indo-Russian Relations

Now that Russia is being heavily sanctioned, they may be forced to trade more in Indian Rupees, thereby pushing strongly in the direction of Soviet-era trade-relations. The Rupee trade came to an end with the collapse of the USSR (see ‘Requiem for Rupee Trade’ by R. G. Gidadhubli, 1992), following which, both countries effectively subordinated…

The Western Left Has ALWAYS Betrayed The Russian Anti-War Movement

The Russian anti-war movement succeeded in ending their government’s role in WW1, paving the way for the Bolshevik revolution, and how were they repaid? With endless Western aggression in the form of foreign intervention, the Axis invasion that killed 27 million Soviet people, and NATO expansion to their borders over the past three decades.

Yemen: UN Complicit in Genocide

The UN Security Council has voted to EXTEND the arms embargo, travel ban, and asset freezes on the National Salvation Government (NSG) of Yemen based in the capital Sana’a, which prevents the NSG from acquiring the weapons needed to defend themselves from the genocidal US-Saudi invasion of their country.

Ukraine: What Does It Mean To Join NATO?

Ukraine is being punished for wanting to join the most aggressive and destructive military alliance on earth, led by a country that has inflicted an endless holocaust against the third world since the end of WW2. The third world needs Russia’s geopolitical weight to counter US warmongering, sanctions…

Russian Imperialism?

In 1920 Lenin redefined imperialism to mean the division of the world into “oppressor” and “oppressed” nations, with the former exploiting the latter, which comprises 70 percent of the world’s population – a clear reference to Asia, Africa, and Latin America. This raises the question of how nations exploit nations, which was largely by taxation,…

The purpose of NATO is to aggressively contain Russia.

If Ukraine is allowed to join NATO, there will be NATO military bases and missiles on Ukrainian soil pointing at Russia’s largest cities. Russia will then be forced to spend more on defence than it does currently, which can only weaken the civilian economy and create secessionist tendencies within its republics.

Why a checkmate is looming for Saudis in Yemen

Over the past year, the Ansarallah (Houthi) backed government of Yemen, based in the capital Sanaa (the Sanaa government), has advanced on all fronts, reaching the northern gates of the Saudi-coalition held garrison-town of Marib in March this year.

Why Israel Has No Interest in Resolving the Israel-Palestine Conflict

There’s two possible ways of solving the Israel-Palestine conflict. Two-state solution. For this to happen, Israel would have to vacate all settlers and military forces from the West Bank and East Jerusalem. This is something Israel refuses to do, rather they are using the apartheid wall as an advancing frontline…

Man Who Supports Saudi War on Yemen Speaks At Palestine Rally

Yesterday at the Palestine rally I attended, the organizers gave a platform to Dr. Ibrahim Abo Mohammad, the Grand Mufti of Australia, who most people don’t know, supports the Saudi war on Yemen by the way, putting him objectively in the camp of Israel, even though I’m sure he thinks of himself as a friend…

Press TV Interview: Sheikh Jarrah

The Israeli settler organisations attempting to evict Palestinians from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah began their attempts by claiming their clients had Ottoman title deeds from the 19th century, which they presented to the Israeli courts in 1972.

Happy B’Day Marx! Imperialism and the Dialectic of Money

Yes, happy birthday Karl Marx, but his work on political economy was incomplete as he only ever presented exactly half the conceptual picture he intended to publish before he died. In Capital 1 Marx begins with the dialectic of the commodity, saying that it has both use-value and exchange-value, the former representing the utility of…

The Patnaik-Harvey Debate (Patnaik Wins)

The Patnaik-Harvey debate on ‘imperialism’ shows that most Marxism in the Anglo-American tradition is confused. You can download the transcript of the debate between Prabhat Patnaik and David Harvey here. In that debate, Patnaik quite explicitly advanced an argument that defined ‘imperialism’ as national exploitation, rather than class exploitation. How does ‘imperialism’ manifest itself?

Marxism: Always Split By the Cold War

Marxism was always split by the cold war. It was founded at a time when 30% of the world’s population either ruled over nations that were to some extent enslaved, or were at least politically independent. That part of the world, particularly Europe, produced Marxism, which embodied the subjectivity of the European working class. The…

Returning Uyghur Militants, Chinese Govt Crackdown

The ‘Uyghur genocide’ narrative being promoted by Anglo-American governments serves only one purpose, to justify military escalation against China, and if the West really cared about genocide, then ‘we’ would stop committing one against the people of Yemen.

Palestine: Counter-Hasbara Talking Points

When someone says that Palestinians are also settlers because the Arab caliphate invaded that land, respond with one simple question. Was the conquest of Syria by the Arab caliphate good or bad for Jews? If they say it was bad, then they’re saying it would have been better for Jews to remain living under the…

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