Jay Tharappel

On the Iranian Protests

In Iran, the protests are unified only by what they oppose, namely the female dress code and more broadly the theocracy. However, they’re not unified by political ideology, which frequently defaults to liberalism premised on individual freedoms when you watch interviews of Iranian activists.

On “Support” For Revolutions Overseas

I get asked all the time by Iranian exiles why I don’t condemn crimes allegedly perpetrated by the Iranian government. The answer is pretty simple, I live in Australia, which is subservient to the US and UK. In this context, condemning the Iranian government serves only one purpose: to manufacture consent for aggression

Yemen: So Close to Victory

The WSJ just quoted an anonymous Saudi general as saying that, “if they [the Ansarullah-led Yemeni resistance] control Marib, we will lose the war”. This is how insecure the Saudi military command in Yemen feels when stationed in Marib.