Taiwan Manipulating Its Currency? The Real Intentions Behind the Fake Accusation

The US is threatening to label Taiwan a currency manipulator on the grounds that they are intentionally devaluing their currency, which is worsening the US trade deficit from the US perspective. The accusation doesn’t make sense anyway, given that the Taiwan dollar reached a “23-year high against the U.S. dollar” back in Jan.

Yes, Chinese Capital Exports can be Anti-Imperialist

Yes actually. The reason people believe otherwise is because Lenin correctly observed that Britain was the world’s leading exporter of capital. However this was possible ONLY because Britain was draining India, NOT by “exporting capital” to India, but by using taxes raised from Indians to finance their imports from India…

Hong Kong Protests & Capital Flight

Western propaganda comes in two types, 1) we attack them for our benefit (realism), and 2) we save them for their benefit (liberalism), and when it comes to Hong Kong, both the Left and Right of the Anglo world tend towards the latter, actually thinking the political unrest is vaguely because China wants to impose laws on Hong Kong to extradite “human rights” and “democracy” campaigners…