Indo-Russian Relations

Now that Russia is being heavily sanctioned, they may be forced to trade more in Indian Rupees, thereby pushing strongly in the direction of Soviet-era trade-relations. The Rupee trade came to an end with the collapse of the USSR (see ‘Requiem for Rupee Trade’ by R. G. Gidadhubli, 1992), following which, both countries effectively subordinated their economies

Why the Newsclick Raids are Anti-National Just Like Modi’s Policies

Delhi, India: Raids have been conducted on the homes and offices of Newsclick editor-in-chief Prabir Purkayastha whose network does some of the best journalism in the country. These raids have been carried out by the Enforcement Directorate, which is controlled by Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman. This is happening in a climate in which the Modi government and its influencers have been busy accusing anyone who supports the farmers protests of being ‘anti-national’…

Imperialism, India, and the Farmers Protests

How are the farmers protests in India related to India? As many of you will know, the one-way net-transfer of wealth from India to Britain amounted to $45 trillion USD. This plunder happened largely at the expense of the Indian farmer who paid taxes to the British colonial regime, which then used one-third of those taxes to purchase goods from India for export while pocketing the exchange earnings (read Utsa Patnaik’s piece

Artsakh & Kashmir, Legality vs. Morality: A Response to Andrew Korybko

Recently Andrew Korybko wrote an article essentially defending, “Pakistan’s extremely vocal support of Azerbaijan’s counteroffensive against Armenian forces in Occupied Nagorno-Karabakh”…my only point is, that which is legal isn’t always moral, and that which is moral isn’t always legal. Regarding the question of legality, Korybko ignores that India’s position on granting the plebiscite has many parallels to Azerbaijan’s position.

Pro-BJP Thugs Murder Protesters in Delhi

The vast majority of India has every reason to oppose the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Register of Citizens (NRC) when considering the consequences associated with their implementation. Naturally, Communist, Dalit, and Muslim parties/movements are protesting these plans, but instead of protecting their right to protest…

Onam: A Celebration of Kerala’s Mythical Proto Communist Past

My home state of Kerala has this popular festival called Onam about life at the beginning of time when King Mahabali ruled over a proto-Communist utopia in which, “all were equal, it was a time of happiness with no misfortunes, no worries and no illness, and no children dying, there was surplus food for everyone and there were no evildoers”, according to the Malayalam folk song…

How the European Left Got Imperialism Wrong

Two books came out in 1902 about imperialism, one by an Indian nationalist writer Dadhabhai Naoroji, another by John A. Hobson. The books are, ‘Poverty and Un-British Rule’ & ‘Imperialism: A Study’. Who did the western Left choose to get their opposition to imperialism from? Whose theoretical language did they adopt?