Happy B’Day Marx! Imperialism and the Dialectic of Money

Yes, happy birthday Karl Marx, but his work on political economy was incomplete as he only ever presented exactly half the conceptual picture he intended to publish before he died. In Capital 1 Marx begins with the dialectic of the commodity, saying that it has both use-value and exchange-value, the former representing the utility of the commodity, the later its price in the market.

Marxism: Always Split By the Cold War

Marxism was always split by the cold war. It was founded at a time when 30% of the world's population either ruled over nations that were to some extent enslaved, or were at least politically independent. That part of the world, particularly Europe, produced Marxism, which embodied the subjectivity of the European working class. The ideology was universal, meaning that it attracted labouring classes from those enslaved nations.

Yemen & The Tragedy of Karbala

The suffering of Yemen today in many ways began with the tragedy of Karbala. Yemen joined Islam by the persuasion of Ali ibn Abu Talib, who as Fourth Caliph had the people of Yemen behind him, most prominently Malik al-Ashtar, who was appointed Governor of Egypt. However, following Ali's assassination, the Ummayad family seized power, before sending troops to Yemen to murder those who refused to pledge allegiance to Muawiya I…