Yemen Runs Out of Fuel

This is not because it doesn't have its own oil resources, it does, but they are in the sparsely populated east of the country (Hadhramaut) which is currently being fought over by squabbling mercenaries paid by the Saudis or UAE, who are exporting that oil rather than supplying it to needy Yemenis, largely because they're not Yemeni, and thus have no national loyalties.

Yemen: Background of the “Houthi” Movement – the Zaydis

The genocidal war on Yemen is not getting the coverage it deserves. Syria gets attention because demonizing the central government is crucial towards hiding support for the armed war against it, whereas Yemen doesn’t because there is no possible way to spin the war other than as Saudi Arabia telling the people of Yemen, “unless you accept a President we’ve chosen for Yemen, you will face genocide”.