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Taiwan Manipulating Its Currency? The Real Intentions Behind the Fake Accusation

The US is threatening to label Taiwan a currency manipulator on the grounds that they are intentionally devaluing their currency, which is worsening the US trade deficit from the US perspective. The accusation doesn’t make sense anyway, given that the Taiwan dollar reached a “23-year high against the U.S. dollar” back in Jan.

Australian MP Raided by Secret Police Without Evidence

The 26 June ASIO raids conducted against the homes of NSW parliamentarian Shaoquett Moselmane and his staffer John Zhang are the first to be carried out under the ‘foreign interference’ laws introduced in June 2018, that are ostensibly intended to prevent foreign governments from influencing our political affairs to the detriment of Australia’s national interest. The raids were carried out to find evidence of …

The Kurdish YPG & The Western Left

Prior to the US intervention (Sep 2014) the YPG had, essentially, a non-aggression pact with the Syrian government so they could both concentrate on fighting the common enemy, that is, al-Nusra & ISIS, and by April 2011 the Syrian government had granted citizenship to the 300,000 stateless Kurds…

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