Invaders Beaten Back: Yemenis Liberate Parts of Jizan (in Saudi Occupied Arabia)

The Yemeni national resistance is rapidly consolidating control over Jizan province in Saudi occupied Arabia, and are now gunning for King Khalid airbase further north which was recently attacked by Yemeni drones. Jizan: 150 square kms liberated. Around 80 Saudi-backed mercenaries exterminated, another 120 wounded and captured. Around 29-60 Saudi armoured personnel carriers have been destroyed, each costing around $1-2 million. #rekt

The Undefeated ‘Sardar’: Shaheed-e-Azam Qassem Soleimani

'Shaheed-e-azam' Qassem Soleimani (1957-2020), will be remembered by history as one of the greatests strategic minds of all time, someone who out-fought and out-thought the world power of his day. In Iraq, Soleimani confronted the illegal US occupation pragmatically. Rather than completely reject the political process, Iran supported it, producing a government in 2005 that was friendlier to them than to the United States…

Yemen Runs Out of Fuel

This is not because it doesn't have its own oil resources, it does, but they are in the sparsely populated east of the country (Hadhramaut) which is currently being fought over by squabbling mercenaries paid by the Saudis or UAE, who are exporting that oil rather than supplying it to needy Yemenis, largely because they're not Yemeni, and thus have no national loyalties.

Yemen & The Tragedy of Karbala

The suffering of Yemen today in many ways began with the tragedy of Karbala. Yemen joined Islam by the persuasion of Ali ibn Abu Talib, who as Fourth Caliph had the people of Yemen behind him, most prominently Malik al-Ashtar, who was appointed Governor of Egypt. However, following Ali's assassination, the Ummayad family seized power, before sending troops to Yemen to murder those who refused to pledge allegiance to Muawiya I…